After over a decade of teaching yoga and owning a local yoga studio, she discovered helping and encouraging people is her spiritual gifting. Her role in the houses is to help guide the women through conflict resolution, share Biblical guidance and encouragement, regular room checks, social media, and bookkeeping.

Her goal is to come along side the women in the house and provide encouragement and healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits to accelerate their journey in recovery, and inspire their relationship with Christ and knowledge of the Bible.

Apart from assisting at the houses, she also works full-time at a local church as the receptionist/admin assistant. In addition, her hobbies include health, nutrition, mountain biking, crafting and traveling. 


He’s a fairly energetic old guy who loves being outdoors, skiing and hiking and gardening. He retired last year from a career with the airlines.

Like most people he has been affected by family or friends who depend on drugs or alcohol in unhealthy ways.

He went through a devastating severing of a personal relationship over Alcohol Abuse, but discovered the comfort and healing of a group called Al-Anon. Members find support for those who are affected by family or friends who use; and discover that some of their own behaviors have become unhealthy.

At that same time, Andy met Lance who was starting transitional housing and support for those who are willing to admit their problem, and more importantly to include God in the recovery.

Our house trademark or symbol includes our firm belief, that God first, and community of support and accountability, can lead to recovery.

As a follower/disciple of Jesus, he knows that he’s called to lead others to HOPE and HEALING and a loving relationship with God. Andy is proud to be a co-conspirator in seeing people freed from a terrible slavery.


Felix is a life-long resident of Whatcom County who was raised in a loving family within the church and he is a father of three beautiful children. He fell into addiction in his mid-twenties, it was an ongoing battle, which led to incarceration. Upon his release, he prayed for guidance, which eventually led him to Second Wakeup House and Redemption Place.

During his time in the houses, he has learned from others, grown in God, and the structure has laid him a foundation for life’s responsibilities. Starting as a resident, he has grown in his role in the houses and is now the Property Manager.

His goals in the houses are that he continues to learn and grow spiritually and as a man, guides the residents’ spiritually, and consistently come along side them during their recovery journey. He truly enjoys befriending, engaging and getting to know each house member on a personal level. 

Felix also enjoys fishing, book reading, and playing yard games with the guys. He is now being a father instead of just being called a father to his children and living up to what a father should be.