Business as Usual

Many are sharing helpful, healthy ways to stay busy at home while quarantined during theses strange times of COVID-19 and some have asked us how we are ‘passing the time.’ Some suggest home workouts, meditation, baking, read a book, have a dance party, Netflix binges, etc. Meanwhile, our lives continue as normal (despite a few mild inconveniences), if not busier than normal. Our work continues…

Many of us create our homes as a place of refuge and recuperation, where we can relax, unwind, and leave all the troubles of the day behind us. But Christians need to have a totally different approach to our heats and our home: “A Christians’s home is God’s hospital.” We turn our expectations upside down when we see our homes as places of refuge and recuperation for others, not just for ourselves.*

Intimacy with those suffering injustice leads to intimacy with God.*

As we opened our homes to strangers, we find that somehow God has walked through the front door with us and has made himself at home too… As we open our hearts and our home up to strangers, we open our heart and our homes to God. As strangers find God, we find God.*

We’ve opened the door and share our home with 43 recovering addicts who have wrecked their lives due to drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, etc. and are resting, healing, and rebuilding their lives again.

There are moment to bake and dance (believe me, we squeeze them in!), but our days are full of interviews, counseling sessions, bookkeeping, AA/NA meetings, Bible studies, prayer, Spring drainage/ landscaping prep-work, and a whole lot of LOVE. Our homes are a place of service and refuge.

How are you spending your time in quarantine?

* Insightful segments from Dr. Krish Kandiah God is Stranger.