Overcome Isolation in Recovery

Recovery can only take place within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.

In the journey of recovery, the experience of isolation can be a slippery slope. Isolation can make it more challenging to maintain sobriety, but embracing the power of sober living and implementing effective strategies, you can overcome this obstacle and thrive in your recovery.   UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL ISOLATION   Isolation is a common pain point for those in recovery. During active addiction, your social circle may have revolved around using substances, and as you embark on a path to sobriety, you may find that some of your previous connections are no longer suitable for your new lifestyle. This can lead … Read more

4 Powerful Keys to Succeed in School During Addiction Recovery

Balance with school in recovery

Going back to school while in recovery can be a transformational experience. Education is a vital part of personal growth and development, and it can play a significant role in your recovery process. However, it’s essential to approach transition with careful consideration and mindfulness. We can easily be ambitious and want to accomplish getting a job, going back to school, starting new hobbies, and other activities, however, it can easily overwhelm and cause anxiety when navigating a new life of sobriety.   Here are 4 powerful keys to succeed in school during your addiction recovery journey.   1. PUT YOUR … Read more

5 Journaling Secrets for Lasting Recovery Success

Journaling in Recovery

Journaling more than a therapeutic activity; it can be a catalyst for growth, self-discovery and lasting recovery success. In addition, it pairs nicely with step work.  The journey to sobriety is a courageous one, filled with challenges and triumphs. The noise in our brain can be triggering. When before, we could quiet that noise with drugs or booze. Now that you’re sober, it’s loud. Finding effective tools to aid the healing process and quiet the noise is essential. Beyond just putting pen to paper, journaling can be a building block for your recovery journey, helping you cultivate new healthy habits … Read more