Ways to Cope with Seasonal Changes

As the summer is drawing to an end, have you noticed your mood sinking into a negative tailspin? Or feeling more sluggish, unmotivated, and unhappy? For anyone one who has a drug or alcohol addition, seasonal changes can have a direct impact on their recovery. With most who have a substance abuse disorder, the hardest part in their recovery is dealing with triggers. Changes in the weather can leave us feeling unbalanced, unable to control, or associate it with an unpleasant memory. Entering into summer can bring the urge to go out and have drinks with old friends, and as … Read more

Building Resilience

Life can feel unstable, stressful and uncertain. Cultivating resilience can help you stay sober, positive, grounded, and experience growth. Let go of the need to control. Yikes! When we finally recognize what we can’t control and let it go, there is a huge sense of relief. It’s out of your hands, not your responsibility, and you cannot control the outcome. Stress and worry melt away and allows you to focus on what you can control in that moment. Ride the turbulent waves of your emotions. Bottling up your emotions causes tension and will result in an unexpected outburst (believe me, … Read more

Patience is a Virtue

When was the last time your patience was tested? Not waiting for the stoplight to turn green or waiting your turn in line at the drive-thru coffee stand, but truly endured through a lengthy season of patience? Currently, many of us are in a season of forbearance that has no predictable end. COVID has swept the globe, racial tensions are stirring emotions, and a heated political presidential election is around the corner. When we live in a culture that is quick-paced, get-results-now, microwave, high-speed, we don’t want to be inconvenienced and we definitely want to know the outcome in a … Read more

Hungry vs Boredom

We are definitely living during a unique time in history. Something that children will read about in history books and memories that pin-point us directly back to this time when someone mentions “COVID-19” or “Shelter in place.” Most of us are no strangers to stress, anxiety, depression, and boredom, but are now at an all-time high. Especially in recovery, we need to be diligent with how we are managing our stress and/or boredom. Our routines are completely thrown off. People who have had a structured 9-5 job are now finding themselves at home full-time, kids are usually in school and … Read more

Business as Usual

Many are sharing helpful, healthy ways to stay busy at home while quarantined during theses strange times of COVID-19 and some have asked us how we are ‘passing the time.’ Some suggest home workouts, meditation, baking, read a book, have a dance party, Netflix binges, etc. Meanwhile, our lives continue as normal (despite a few mild inconveniences), if not busier than normal. Our work continues… Many of us create our homes as a place of refuge and recuperation, where we can relax, unwind, and leave all the troubles of the day behind us. But Christians need to have a totally … Read more

Intake Process

​ Candidates will be welcomed into Second WakeUp House or Redemption Place upon completion of submitted application, interview and unanimous consent of current house members. Unanimous consent of all members sends a powerful message of commitment to new members and fosters unity of purpose throughout the membership.