8 Proven Benefits of Living in Community

There are stellar benefits of living in a community that improve your health, your pocketbook, and your outlook on life.

Block parties gained popularity in the 70’s. They were often held outside among the neighborhood houses, providing fellowship and sharing food with your community. Houses were built closer to the roads with large front porches offering a welcoming environment to neighboring visitors and inviting more sociability with your community.

Things have dramatically changed since that era. Many homes have fences that reduce the odds of visitors, community gathering, and camaraderie with your neighbors. It became more common to gather in the back yards and have private BBQ’s – leaving block parties a thing of the past.

Fast forward to the loneliness and isolation that the covid pandemic caused, has now left people feeling more secluded than our generations past. People’s social circles disbanded and it has been hard for people to find a place of community – a place of belonging again.


Throughout the shutdown, while others were isolated and alone, we continued with business as usual. We adapted to closed churches and meetings and began to host our own. People stepped up and chair meetings, we broadcast church on a large tv in the garage (thank you for the live church services!), and we grew closer throughout the turbulent time.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1 (NIV)



We value the benefits of living in a community on a daily basis and would love to share the blessings of those benefits.

Number 1 reason to live in community   SENSE OF BELONGING

People who go back to the old circle of friends, typically end up doing the same old things, such as using. Then the relapse cycle continues. Living in a like-minded, sober community can provide a sense of belonging and connection to others. This is especially important when you’re in recovery. This provides a feeling of security and support when there’s acceptance and structure. 

Number Two Benefit of Living in Community   SHARED SERVICES

Community living allows for shared resources such as common areas, meals, and equipment. It can be hard to get back on your feet after treatment or prison, and living in community helps lighten the load with resources. People are often willing to pitch in, offer a ride, share a meal, and carry some of your burden by being a willing listener. 

Number Three Benefit of Living in Community   SOCIAL SUPPORT

Living in a community can provide social, emotional, and mental support from your friends and housemates. It’s always recommended to call your sponsor or counselor, but sometimes they’re not always available and our community is willing to meet you where you are and walk with you through challenges and celebrations. There is someone to talk to and experience life with.

Number Four Benefit of Living in Community   INCREASE SAFETY

Communities often have security measures in place or watch programs. We have enough people in our community where people look out for one another. If someone or something doesn’t belong, it gets addressed. Our community has brought safety to so many and the members value that by supporting the safety measures in place.

Number Five Benefit of Living in Community   REDUCED ISOLATION

Isolation is not usually good in recovery. Of course, you have privacy, but you have people around you who are going to bring your company and support when needed.

Number Six Benefit of Living in Community   OPPORTUNITIES FOR COLLABORATION

Living in a community can provide opportunities for collaboration on projects or service work. There’s a whole new level of bonding when you work on a project with someone. This helps your communication, patience, and acceptance. Plus, it’s an incredible bonus when it benefits the whole group creating harmony and unity with one another. 

Number Seven Benefit of Living in Community   ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS

Shared resources and communal spaces can lead to more sustainable living practices.

Number Eight Benefit of Living in Community   COST SAVINGS

Sharing resources and amenities can lead to cost savings for community members.

This may not be ideal for everyone, but it certainly works for our recovery homes. It’s important who you surround yourself with and the company you keep. Many people upon leaving treatment or jail return to the same environment they lived in prior to going to treatment. Our experience shows that people living in recovery housing with like-minded individuals and working towards a common goal, experience a much higher rate of success than those who return to their old environment. 

The importance of a sober support network in your recovery cannot be underestimated, because it can be one of the biggest preventers of relapse. Being part of a recovery community can help hold you accountable in your recovery and remind you that you are not alone, even on the bad days. You can reach out for help when you need it or when you might be struggling. Over time, you may begin to realize the importance of a recovery community as it serves to save your life. Countless times, we witness growth in our house members and the benefits of support for one another.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1


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