5 Transformative Benefits of Extended Sober Living

Value of Extended Sober Living

The transition from addiction to lasting recovery involves various phases and one of the most crucial phases is the stay in a sober living home. Typically, the longer the duration in sober living can significantly benefit long-term sobriety.   SOBER LIVING HOMES PROVIDE A BRIDGE   Sober living homes provide a bridge between the highly structured environment of treatment centers and the autonomy of fully independent living. They should offer a safe, supportive, and substance-free living environment for individuals in recovery.   HOW LONG SHOULD SOMEONE STAY IN SOBER LIVING?   The duration of a person’s stay in a sober … Read more

8 Proven Benefits of Living in Community

Community in Recovery

There are stellar benefits of living in a community that improve your health, your pocketbook, and your outlook on life. Block parties gained popularity in the 70’s. They were often held outside among the neighborhood houses, providing fellowship and sharing food with your community. Houses were built closer to the roads with large front porches offering a welcoming environment to neighboring visitors and inviting more sociability with your community. Things have dramatically changed since that era. Many homes have fences that reduce the odds of visitors, community gathering, and camaraderie with your neighbors. It became more common to gather in … Read more