Hungry vs Boredom

Fun in Recovery

We are definitely living during a unique time in history. Something that children will read about in history books and memories that pin-point us directly back to this time when someone mentions “COVID-19” or “Shelter in place.” Most of us are no strangers to stress, anxiety, depression, and boredom, but are now at an all-time high. Especially in recovery, we need to be diligent with how we are managing our stress and/or boredom. Our routines are completely thrown off. People who have had a structured 9-5 job are now finding themselves at home full-time, kids are usually in school and … Read more

Business as Usual

Business As Usual in Recovery

Many are sharing helpful, healthy ways to stay busy at home while quarantined during theses strange times of COVID-19 and some have asked us how we are ‘passing the time.’ Some suggest home workouts, meditation, baking, read a book, have a dance party, Netflix binges, etc. Meanwhile, our lives continue as normal (despite a few mild inconveniences), if not busier than normal. Our work continues… Many of us create our homes as a place of refuge and recuperation, where we can relax, unwind, and leave all the troubles of the day behind us. But Christians need to have a totally … Read more